Realtor Maintenance Packages

Our Realtor Home Maintenance Packages add curb appeal to your clients/ potential clients homes, therefor can increase the value of their home! The exterior of your clients homes is the first thing your potential buyers see! A dirty, unkept sidewalk/ yard can deter and give your buyers a bad first impression of the home! Impress even the most discerning buyers with a clean, groomed, well maintained exterior! Not only can our Realtor Home Maintenance Packages sell your homes faster, saving you money, they also can help you gain some potential business that might otherwise have went to one of your competition!! You can advertise that you offer a complimentary "exterior spruce up" of your potential clients homes. Adding, it can increase their homes value, and help sell quicker! This can help generate more business for you, as people would see you offering this kind of service, showing you care and appreciate their business, and the idea they could get more for their home- faster!

Call us today for more information! Remember, all our packages are custom, these can be just a starting point for discussion, or you can just choose a package! All packages/services can be customized to suit your properties best!


> Save 5% off this package!


  • 250 sq ft of pressure washing ( Decks, sidewalks, driveways, etc. )
  • Window cleaning ( outside only, 1 storey home )
  • Grass cutting ( 1 time, cut, trim, blow clippings, and "stripe" lawn )
  • Flower bed clean up ( edging along entire bed (200 sq ft), 1 yard of mulch installed, your choice of color )
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> Save 10% off this package!


  • Includes everything the Silver Package offers
  • Plus Aeration ( 5000 sq ft )
  • Plus Paint Garage Door and Front Door (includes 2 coats of paint, based on 1 car garage, your choice of colour!)
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> Save 15% off this package!


  • Includes everything the Gold Package offers
  • Plus Pressure wash entire house ( Approx 1500 sq ft, 1 storey home )
  • Plus Green grass package (dethatching, aerate, one application fertilizer and overseed
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