Landscape Design/Consultation Package

Have you decided to tackle doing some landscaping to your home yourself? Instead of hiring a professional to save some money? There is absolutely no problem with that! We understand everyone has a budget they need to stick too! The problem you may be facing now is, you may not be exactly sure where to start! Or unsure what to plant, and making sure what you plant will work for your garden (eg. What plants need full sun, and which do not etc) This is why we created this package!! To help you step by step to create that landscape you have been dreaming of! One of our professionals will meet with you at your home, and get your ideas on what you might have been thinking, then take what we think would look great, and together we will come up with the best plan suitable to you property! Now you say "Wouldn't it be nice to see the outcome of your landscape before you even start?"

We will take a picture of the desired area you interested in landscaping, take it to our office, add in all the plants/shrubs specified with our landscape software so you will be able to see exactly how good your property can look before you even start!! If you don't like something where it was placed, or maybe once you see the design you might want a different plant/ shrub in place of something else, we will make those adjustments until you are 100% satisfied with the design!! We will even mark out the desired shape of the garden bed, and where all the plants/shrubs etc will go, and give you a list of all materials needed to complete the job!! That design is now yours to keep! Now you know everything will look good, but what about the cost of everything? We will take all the landscape materials, plants/shrubs and add everything up, and will give you a decently accurate price on what everything will cost! Now you have your dream design, your materials listed from us what you need, and an accurate price on what your new landscape will cost you to do it yourself!! Now you can go and be proud of what you have accomplished!

> Landscape Consultation Package

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(If you change your mind about trying to tackle your landscape yourself because it may be more of a project you can handle, and decide to hire us to handle all the necessary work for you, we will take this charge off your bill!) *some conditions apply

General Consultation Package

Need a professional opinion/help, and have questions that need answered of why your lawn, gardens, or landscapes isn't growing or look how it should? We will consult with you and listen to your problems, to figure out and explain the the problems/ questions you have! We will take a soil sample to ensure ph levels etc. are good! Then give you a list of things needed to get whatever it is your concerned about fixed so you cab enjoy your lawn, garden or landscape again! After discussing the necessary maintenance/ material you need to perform to get everything back in shape, you can choose to do it yourself, or have us perform the necessary maintenance for you!

> General Consultation Package

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Flower Bed Package

> Our Flower Bed Cleanup Package

  • Includes sprucing up of 200 sq ft of gardens, edging around entire garden, trimming of bushes, trees etc, rototill and remove weeds, 1 yard of mulch installed ( with your choice of color )
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