> Aerating

Core aerating works by pulling "plugs" of soil from your lawn. Aerating controls thatch, helps the root system of your lawn, and lets the water penetrate deeper into the soil right to the roots of your lawn.

> Overseeding

If you have not overseeded your lawn over the last 3 or 4 years, it needs to be done. Grass is not immortal and after 4 to 5 years grass plants will slow down their reproductive rate. They get tired just like we do with age and thin grass is an invitation to weeds.

> Dethatching

Lawns accumulate thatch (slowly decomposing grass, dead roots, and other yard debris) A light layer of thatch is beneficial because it is a layer of protection for your soil against certain elements, such as changing temperatures. However, when the thatch becomes too thick, it prevents water and other nutrients from reaching the roots of your lawn. If the thatch is thick enough, it can completely prevent water from reaching the soil.

> Top Dressing

Top dressing is the process of adding a fine layer of high quality enriched top soil to the lawn surface. Top dressing actually has several primary benefits. First, it helps your soil hold more moisture, which means you can water less and your grass will make better use of the available water. Second, this improves drainage which means more of the water will get down to the roots. Third, top dressing will make your grass much thicker thus choking out weeds so you will have less of them.

> Fertilization

We use organic fertilizers with slow release that can work up to 4 months. Our fertilizers will give a thick, healthy and green lawn. We use a corn gluten meal fertilizer in the spring and fall that controls and eliminates weed germination by 60%, all the while still fertilizing your lawn!

See our Packages Page for more information and pricing.

> Grass Cutting

We perform lawn maintenance on a weekly basis. We cut your lawn and then we blow clean any clippings and garbage from hard surfaces around your home. We (if applicable) will loosen any soil/mulch and pull any weeds that are in your flower bed. When we cut your lawn we "stripe" it, giving your lawn that golf course look so your property will look at its best and be worry free to you!

We have many different lawn maintenance packages to suit any budget.

Check out our Packages Page for more information and pricing.

> Landscape Design/Install & Maintenance

Whether your looking to create a beautiful landscape, or maybe your existing landscape just needs to be freshened up by trimming flowers/bushes, edging around your garden and adding mulch.

Maybe your tired of your old design and want a total make over! Either way we can design or work with you to maximize your curb appeal with a beautiful landscape and be the envy of your neighbors! We can create a conceptual landscape design to give you an accurate idea of what your property can look like!

Check out our Packages Page for more information and pricing.

> Pressure Washing

Keep your property clean from tough stains and grime that builds up after time with our high pressure washer. Along with our environmentally friendly cleaners, we can clean anything you need done! We clean sidewalks, decks, fences, lawn furniture, or the entire exterior of your house!

> Window Cleaning

Ground Image pride ourselves on its streak free professional window cleaning. We pay attention to every detail. See our Packages Page page. You can bundle services, saving you money! We service both residential and commercial properties.

> High Pressure Drain Jetting

> Power Augering

Do you have a clogged or slow running drain. With our high tech equipment we will get your drain running free again! Commercial properties can benefit from our preventative maintenance program.

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> Winter Services

Ground Image offers business' and home owners 24/7 snow plowing and ice control services. We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients driveway, entrances, sidewalks and parking lots are snow free and safe!

> Driveway Sealing

We use commercial airport grade sealer which gives a nice matte black finish. We squeegee on our sealer giving the best results, unlike spraying which gives that oily shiney finish.

We start by power edging along the length of your driveway, then we high power blow the entire surface then (optional) power wash the entire surface. We fill any cracks with a high quality crack fill, then we treat all oil spots with an oil spot primer to ensure the sealer bonds well. We then seal your driveway with a high quality sealer. When we are done we will block your driveway off with caution tape!
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